Our team excels at emphasizing each person’s

artistic strengths.

Only the best is expected, and delivered.

Meet the brains and brawn.


Kara Williamson

CEO / Producer


Email: k.williamson.nc@gmail.com


Kara has worked in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years.  She has held a number of positions in the music industry from stage hand to production manager to production coordinator, alongside some of the largest promotors in the world including AEG Live, Live Nation, and DWP among others.  In the film industry she has worked on numerous high profile projects such as The Hunger Games, We’re the Millers, Banshee and Reckless along side key figures such as Jennifer Aniston, Antonio Banderas, Jason Sudekis, Donald Sutherland and many more.

Her knowledge of the industry is unparalleled and a vital piece to every project.  Her creativity stems from her prior experience in both above and below the line positions including art department, set construction, greens, production design and ultimately to her role as running producer.  Kara is known as the “crew” producer, forever staying true to her Union ideals of safety and fair wages but also is known as a “visionary” producer who works to help translate the director’s vision from words on a page to sets on a stage.

Barbie Dugan

CFO / Producer

Ebarbie_circle_001mail: b.dugan.sc@gmail.com



Barbie’s film career began when she signed on as one of the financial backers of Union Bound, earning her the title of Executive Producer. In addition to her Executive Producer title, she played a key role in the management of the day-to-day production operations. While filming Union Bound, Barbie discovered she could use her financial acumen and management skills to provide the balance between the business and creative sides of film making.

Since then, she has thrown herself head first into her position as CFO of Meeting Street Productions; working diligently to advance her management skills in product placement negotiations, contract writing, video editing, and band management. Just recently, she has decided to try her hand at writing a screenplay, based on true events in her life.


Producer’s Assistant

Email: leitch.kimberly@gmail.com


Fresh from Capital University in Columbus Ohio, Kim graduated in Communications with a focus in Electronic Media, Film, and Entertainment Technology. Kim can take MSP to new heights in social media and technology. She brings unique experience from all sides of the industry including previous employment in sports, music and corporate business.


Consulting Producer

Email: lisa.marie1010@gmail.com



Lisa started her media career on fast-forward by creating, casting, fully funding and nationally distributing her own talk Show Wake Up! within a 4 month window. Stars, sponsors and full crew willingly came to this grass root, first rate production project because of the authentic passion and execution Lisa brings. Those 5 shows were shot on 4 K film, 4 cameras, over 2 days – at the same studios where OWN began. She is the imagineer of all things possible, bringing all people needed to the table – no one is beyond reach, and everyone stays in the conversation because of her ability to include, bring mutual benefit and sustainability.



Email: b.elchert@icloud.com



Belinda comes to Meeting Street with a multi-faceted set of skills including stage management, business ownership, and service industry experience. Specifically, Belinda has been part of the Stagehand union for over 5 years with knowledge in audio, video, sound, carps, and props. Previously, she was a personal assistant for property owner, account management, and landscaping. Prior to that, Belinda maintained a aquarium and eventually owned her own saltwater fish store.