The new album by Brazilian pop star, Millah dropped at the end of June.  With so much press and positive response all over Brazil, it is only a matter of time until she crosses over to the US. MSP had the honor to work with Millah while filming her new music videos for Imagination and Um Som. She truly is a class act with talent to boot. The album, EU SOU | I AM is a collection of 10 songs, 5 in Portuguese and 5 in English. The songs are pure pop. They make you feel good, but even more than that, they have a positive message from lyrics that are uplifting and motivating; something the world could really use right now. Below are a few of my favorites as well as the reasoning behind it:


WARNING: This song is catchy. When I first started listening to the album, this is the song I walked away singing and found myself singing it hours later. Watch out for this one to be a big radio hit in Brazil and even the USA.

I Just Wanna Dive

Wow, I love the build of this song. Millah and the music makes you feel like you’re standing at the edge of a cliff and you jump, only to have the refrain surround you in ice blue water and waves of the ocean.

you Got to give it all

This song has to be my favorite on the album and is in the realm of Rachel Platten’s Fight Song and old school Selena Gomez’s Love You Like a Love Song. 


The Release

Millah thinks of everything. Presenting the new album was done in style with a concert at São Paulo’s Paris 6 Burlesque Club. The show included choreographed dance numbers with 6 backup dancers,  multiple wardrobe changes and even a live stream in Brazil.  It was spectacular event and Millah really showed the world what she has to offer. Check out a recap of the night below!

Aperta o play DJ ▶️! Pra quem não conseguiu estar presente no dia do lançamento.Dá só uma olhadinha 🙃um pedacinho do que rolou no lançamento do album EU SOU/ I AM. Vale lembrar que o Album já está disponível em todas as plataformas digitais! Amigos, ajudem a espalhar a boa notícia 💆🏻✨Beijo no coração ❤️.#millah #iam #eusou #popreggae #popsinger #pop #poprock #popmusic #music #news #newalbum #newartist #deeplick @deeplick @alvaroguitarreiro @klausduarteyes @danilavorenti @rgfequipamentos @guaraniacucar @devassa @rio.guilhermeschleder @pedrobosnich @paris6burlesque @paris6burlesque @ivomozart @mhmadhouse @gilpinna @baepipinna @petrixbarbosa @valdrummond @gabilopescombr @jade_barbosa @jadeseba @arthurzanetti @arthurnory @diegohypolito @danyhypolito @bruna_zanardo_ @elisabetegoes @kemochiute @dadodolabella @brunogissoni @josesales1 @allansouzalima @studiouber @marcossaleshair @vaporsmoda @shadevenne @gideoliveira @fehmonteiroo @leonardoalmeidaimprensa @leonardoalmeida12 @brunobraga2 @nobreassessoria @linesnobre @claraassessoriaemarketing @fabiopradosp @fabioseixas @fabiobianchinni @fabiogutierrez @pauloamorimbr @caique @boveda @marcelomira_almadjem @marcellokroth @marceloavestruz @rodrigo_sa @rodrigorodriguez @rickdoren @laerciodacosta @sorocaba @jorgealex_oficial @alexandrepires_ @alespatz @aheredia92 @gabytomilin @gabrielwickbold @gabrielgodoy13 @gabrielgubelaoficial @gabrielopensadoroficial @flaaandrade

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FILM REVIEW: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman:

The Epic Romance Story of Diana and SteEEEvVVVe.

So I know I’m a little behind on the 8-ball here. SORRY! I had so many other things going, like watching my new aloe plant grow and eating WAY too many pizza bagels. Anyways, I finally made it out to see Wonder Woman and I have to say, it lives up to all the hype!




The Good: I am not usually a superhero movie person. I grew up loving Superman and the WB TV show, Smallville, but the current Marvel and DC remakes I haven’t really gotten into. I watch them and enjoy them, just not at the level of infatuation that has taken over the world. Saying that, I loved Wonder Woman.  The plot was good (and have you seen how naturally gorgeous Gal Gadot is!) but what really blew me away was the post-production: the CGI, the slow-motion, and the coloring. Any modern action movie needs insane CGI and I thought this was the best of the Marvel / DC movies. Subtler than the action scenes, the location compositions are extremely well done: a believable 1910’s London and the transformation of an Italian island to a demi-goddess’s paradise.

Me, trying to explain how badass the slow-motion scenes are, will be pointless so if you haven’t seen the movie go see it! Then comment back here with your opinion!

Lastly, THE COLOR!!!!  As you can see by the Wonder Woman poster the color in this movie is vibrant! The bright sun, healthy greens, and clear blue water of Themyscira strongly contrast the Industrial Revolution gray smog of London. Then during the last epic fight scene, the two battled in front of a wicked-cool sunset to a deep black night backdrop that creates incredible contrast with Ares’s fire and lightning bolts. It’s truly a work of art!


The Bad: The only real problem I had with the movie was the slow beginning. I understand that this is the first full movie about Wonder Woman in this series, but a 5 minute too long scene of Diana and Steve in a boat talking about the psychology of relationships between men and women was WAY TOO SLOW! Also, let’s talk about their names?!?! Diana and Steve. The Comic Book came out in 1941 and these names were probably everywhere, but man, it’s funny in 2017 to have an epic love story between God and Human and have their names be, Diana and Steve. It got me thinking… if Wonder Woman was created in 2017, their names would be? So the top names given to babies in 2017 are Emma and Liam (reference), which is still not very epic sounding.

The Mustache: 

David Thewlis is best known for his role as Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter film series. He has been in many English blockbusters such as The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Theory of Everything, Macbeth, and many others. So it was a very interesting and almost sly choice to have him play Ares in Wonder Woman. I am not going to give anything away (*any more than I already have. OOPS*), but the funniest scene and most likely, unintentionally funny scene is when the movie does a flashback to Area landing on Earth. The scene has Ares land on Earth in a blaze of flames and a young Ares looks up at the sky with anger and revenge in his eyes. The reason it is so funny is because the young Ares has the body of an oiled up 25-year-old bodybuilder with David Thewlis’s mustached face composited on the body. Yes, the composite is well done. Yes, they put makeup or CGI on his face to make him look younger.  BUT COME ON! THEY DIDN’T EDIT OUT HIS OLD MAN MUSTACHE! Instead they added to it and made young Ares look like a cop from RENO 911. Anyone else find this scene funny or was it just me?


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Oh Netflix, You’ve Outdone Yourself!

So I have taken the term, Netflix and Chill, to a whole new level this past month and a half. If any of you have been on netflix lately, you must have noticed the large amount of new releases that have popped up. I had taken a break from watching netflix to focus on reading (yes, I’m still trying to keep my new year resolution, lol.) as well as watching the nba playoffs and Finals. so when I casually logged on with the long break between the nba final four and the championship series, i was blown away by the amount of new content! THey had really outdone themselves with the summer releases. I have gotten through a lot of the new seasons of my favorite shows and as always, I know you are just so excited to hear me rant about them 🙂  **no spoilers!**

Kim’s comments on netflix‘s new releases: 

House of Cards: Season 5

What more can the Underwood’s do to corrupt the American Government?! Oh just wait and see! Though there may not be as many twists and turns as the past 2016 Presidential Election, Season 5 keeps you on your toes and makes you never want to trust the media, politicians, companies, even national emergency announcements ever again. LESSON LEARNED: “The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties. Never regret.”

Sherlock: Season 4

I am proud to say, ‘I am a Cumber-bitch.” I love this man. He is the better tailored, hat-wearing, English version of Doctor House. The new season puts Sherlock’s demons in the forefront of the plot and highlights the imperfections and contradictions of this modern detective.  It makes me love him even more!  I got my sister addicted to this show two years ago and was less than impressed with this season. Personally, I have to say the entire season kept me guessing and I pulled an all nighter to finish the season in one evening (DARN YOU HOUR AND HALF LONG EPISODES!) and then the rest of the night laying in bed thinking about how Sherlock could have done it.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 3

All I have to say is, Tina Fey. This woman is a creative comedy genius. Every thing she touches is comedy gold and this season kept me laughing the entire time. And that darn intro song will stay in your head long after you complete the new 13 episodes.

Orange is the New Black: Season 5

Though I have to say the only reason I started watching this show is because my friend from high school is an extra and I like to play ‘Where’s Waldo’ with her in the background, the show is edgy and I cannot it has gotten so much national attention as it has.  Some reviews I have seen have commended the season for pushing the line even further and leaving the audience with a memorable cliff hanger, while others have said it’s a train wreck that you cannot look away from because you’ve already committed 4 seasons of time caring about these characters.  Well, whatever side you are on, we can all agree that we cannot wait to see what happens to all these crazy inmates in season 6.

Master of None: Season 2

With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 100% and an audience rating of 93%, this season delivers the laughs. The comedy is light and smart with the feel of a male point of view rom-com. Wenlei Ma of had this to say about the new season:

Master of None continues to be one of the best shows on TV with its understated wit and warmth. Ansari and Alan Yang’s singular and clever vision marks this as a delicious return for a series that continues to enchant. It’s the best TV so far this year.”


Other Exciting Releases: There are so many that I could rant about, but there are a few guilty pleasure shows that got new seasons released such as Jane the Virgin and Supergirl. Neither are overly impressive shows, but highly entertaining if you’re bored on a Thursday night with a bottle of wine by your side.  Also, Netflix released some of my favorite movies such as the 1994 classic, Forrest Gump and my sister’s favorite movie to make me watch (which I never wanted to watch, but really enjoyed it and who doesn’t love Johnny Depp as the leading man?) Chocolat.


The Full List of June Netflix Releases Here! 

The Full List of May Releases Here! 

NBA Finals 2017

I love hype videos. Doesn’t even matter if I like the team or not, I get emotional.  Sports throw heart, sweat, blood, athleticism, spirit, and a dash of luck into a blender and hurl it in your face (or maybe that’s just me). Last year at this time, I was in Cleveland watching the Cavs come back from a 3-1 deficit. Today, I am writing this from Raleigh, NC surrounded by Cavs posters I have collected from games I’ve attended at the Q. The Cavs are down 0-2 against our biggest modern rivals, the Golden State Warriors, and all I can do is have faith in the city I love. But anyways, I’ve gotten off topic because I just love Cleveland sports. BACK ON TOPIC: So both teams have come out with multiple hype and recap videos to get their fans excited about the upcoming games. All of them are powerful but in different ways.  As a film community, I would love your thoughts on which one is more successful at getting the crowd into the game and why?


Golden State Warriors 


Strength In Numbers: The Finals

We made it, #DubNation! It all begins tomorrow night on #WarriorsGround ?

Posted by Golden State Warriors on Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Let The World Know, Featuring Andre Ward: The Finals

Andre Ward back at it & ready for the #NBAFinals!

Posted by Golden State Warriors on Thursday, June 1, 2017


Warriors Mini-Movie: NBA Finals – Game 1

Thursday was fun ? #StrengthInNumbers

Posted by Golden State Warriors on Saturday, June 3, 2017


Cleveland Cavaliers 


Cavs vs. Warriors – NBA Finals Game 1 Hype Video presented by …

In 24 HOURS, we look to defend our title.We look to defend what is ours. #DefendTheLand#KeyInsider Hype Video – NBA Finals Game 1.

Posted by Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Cavs vs. Warriors – NBA Finals Game 2 Hype Video presented by …

“Any time you want to win a championship, and you want to win, you have to win on the road.”#DefendTheLand #KeyInsider Hype Video – NBA Finals Game 2.

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Rock on the Range 2017



Rock on the Range, the last of our three festival run, is held at MAPFRE Stadium in Columbus, OH. Being originally from Cleveland, OH and attending university in Columbus, OH, I consider this festival my hometown shows on the lineup. It was great to be back at a festival, where I knew the city, all the team members and the facility like the back of my hand. Rock on the Range is one of the biggest Rock festivals in the US with over 135,000 patrons through the three-day festival. Two major events happened during this weekend that really changed the atmosphere of the festival.

First was the passing of Soundgarden’s lead singer, Chris Cornell.  This was an emotional hit for everyone in the music industry. The passing of a legend. Even more than that, Soundgarden has performed at the last two festivals and was scheduled to perform again that Friday. In a tasteful choice, AEG & DWP decided not to fill the time slot with a new band, but instead give added time to Live‘s set (their first performance in almost 8 years) and allow them to share their feelings about the passing. Shown below is the powerful tribute to the Rock Legend.


Chris Cornell Tribute | Rock On The Range 2017

From the Rock On The Range family…we will always remember you. May you rest in peace.

Posted by Rock On The Range on Friday, May 19, 2017


The second major event was Mother Nature. We had three major thunderstorms during the weekend. On Friday, we had to evacuate the stadium around 3pm due to the upcoming storm. All the patrons exited effortlessly and everyone was safe from the storm’s wrath. Once the storm had passed, it was around 6:30pm and the gates were opened again for patrons to return to the stadium. AEG & DWP adjusted the stage schedules and the day continued into the night with the festivities lasting until around 12:15am (Cheers to the Ohio Government for extending the curfew for the festival from 11pm).

The storms continued into Saturday with a delay in opening the venue gates until 1pm. Once again, this was done swimmingly and everyone remained safe from the hazardous thunderstorm.

The last storm landed over the stadium just before our weekend headliners, Metallica, was about to take the stage. This caused truly one of the most Rock’n’Roll moments I have ever witnessed. With over 45,000 people packed into MAPFRE stadium to watch these 4 Rock Gods shred up the stage, a massive storm hit with BUCKETS OF WATER coming from the sky. Many people rushed to go below the stadium bleachers for shelter, but the majority of fans stayed in their seats chanting and cheering for their heroes. This continued for almost an hour and people did not waver. Almost an hour and a half after their scheduled set time, Metallica took the stage to a booming welcome from their SOAKING and THRILLED crowd. It was a CRAZY site to see!


Carolina Rebellion 2017



The first of our three festivals was in Charlotte, NC.  Held in the grass fields surrounding the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Carolina Rebellion is a three-day music festival that welcomes over 35,000 patrons a day through its muddy gates. The grounds were filled to the brim this year with 4 full stages, an acoustic stage, food trucks that would delight any foodie or drunk person a-like, and even a Ferris wheel in the middle of the grounds (which sadly, I never had to time to ride).

The festival went smoothly from an extremely humid day 1 of the build to the dusty aftermath of teardown. The Charlotte Observer had this to say, “But unlike the more eclectic Coachella and festivals like it, there’s not a lot of pretentiousness at Carolina Rebellion. The people baring skin aren’t model thin or muscle men and the fashionistas here are the guys with makeup streaming down their faces, or the group dressed like Power Rangers.

There’s a sense that these are largely working-class folks, who forget about the rigors and routine of work for a weekend spent crowd-surfing (sometimes to a ballad like “Love Bites,” go figure), throwing horns and pumping fists” (CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, MAY 08, 2017). 

Northern Invasion 2017



Polar opposite to the Charlotte Motor Speedway, where the airport or major metropolitan area was a quick 20-minute drive away, Northern Invasion is held at Somerset Amphitheater in Somerset, WI. Do not get me wrong Somerset, WI is a beautiful town with kind people and gorgeous surroundings, but when you have to pick up and drop off 100+ bands from the airport, the 45-mile drive to the airport can take a toll.  Good thing we had an amazing team in WI that handled the two-hour long airport runs and so many other needed drives to make the music festival run smoothly!

NI’s lineup included some of the same artists as Carolina Rebellion including, Papa Roach, The Offspring, and Soundgarden, but with a mixture of new artists including The Struts (a personal favorite) and the weekend’s headliner, Kid Rock.

Last year, I was told that workers had to run to local department stores to buy winter hats and coats, while this year we had perfect weather of mid 70’s with a nice calm breeze – PERFECT FOR WATCHING SOME BANDS KILL IT ON STAGE.


The World’s Loudest Month

During the month of May, MSP packs up the office and heads out on AEG & DWP’s World’s Loudest Month. These are some of the biggest rock festivals in the US and this year’s lineup and crowds did not disappoint. The headliners included Def Leppard, Korn, Soundgarden, The Offspring, Live, Volbeat, Papa Roach and so many other great bands. Kara WIlliamson, our CEO, was the Production Coordinator at the three festivals we worked: Carolina Rebellion, Northern Invasion and Rock on the Range.  This was my first run doing all three festivals and it is crazy how much each one varies from location to location.  It was a hard three and a half weeks of 19 hour days, where a majority of the people walked over 12 miles a day and drank their weight in coffee or monster. We had moments where we felt like this… 

And other moments, where we felt like this…


Check out the blogs from all the festivals: CArolina Rebellion, Northern Invasion, and Rock on the Range.



Millah: The Next International Pop Star


Millah: The Next International Pop Star

Energy is a hard thing to explain, but immediately, when MSP got an international call from Millah hiring us to do her next two music videos, we knew it was a match made in heaven. Millah is a natural beauty with an incredible singing voice, heart full of gold and even more than that, dedicated to putting the work in to get where she wants to go. What is a step passed a triple threat?… I don’t know but that is Millah. Based in Brazil, Millah is going to be the next Shakira or Selena. Her music has the vibe of Brazilian electronic clubs mixed with the pop hooks found everywhere on the American pop charts. Her new album drops May 31 and is a mix of Portuguese and English, but the tracks are international because they are FFFIIIRRREEE. Though I cannot share much more about the upcoming music videos or the album release, check out the gallery of behind the scenes stills of the MSP team on location and the crazy adventures we had with Millah.

CHECK OUT Millah’s Official Website to find her on itunes, spotify and upcoming worldwide tour dates!



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“A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish”

PLanning, planning, planning 

Oh, do I love planning.  If I didn’t think I was Liz Lemon before I entered the workforce in August, I am 100% certain, I am the incarnation of her now. Spreadsheets, color coding, binders, and sharable calendars are my best friends. I am not saying that my life is perfectly planned out or that my apartment is OCD clean (because I can assure you, IT IS NOT), but I do believe that in business, where time is money, organization / planning / efficiency will put you miles ahead of your competition and allow for WAY LESS STRESS in production.

One of my favorite scenes from 30 Rock: 

At a Triangle Film Community mixer, MSP made a new friend from the area, Jim McQuaid, who is a indie film veteran and is extremely knowledgeable. He mentioned his article, “Fix It In Production.” An extremely informative article picked up by about the importance of planning in filmmaking and I wanted to share some of the points emphasized in the article.

Fix It in Production: A 1st A.D. Tells You What Mistakes to Avoid when Shooting an Independent Film


  1. Time: the critical resource: “When money is in short supply (almost always) and goodwill is a key resource being spent, running a production smoothly is even more important.”

  2. Collaboration: “Well, if the director and the producer and the DP (at least) are not working together in planning, on-set collaboration will become much too time-consuming.”



  1. Feeding the production:“Feeding the cast and crew is important. The more demanding the schedule, the more important this element of planning becomes. Planning how to keep everybody nourished and happy must not be an after thought”

  2. Company moves: “Company moves are inevitable and expensive. Obviously, loading everything back into vehicles, finding the new location and unloading and setting up again is extremely time-consuming.”

  3. Multiple takes: “This is not a problem per se; it’s obviously necessary and typical. However, in a production under pressure, running behind, the cost of each additional take grows. It’s a tough decision but the fundamental job of a director is to recognize when enough is enough, instead of doing “too much” and then planning to locate “enough” in post.”

  4. Coverage: “However, in a production under pressure (all of them, in other words), the director’s job includes knowing what coverage is needed and what coverage is not needed. Always shooting a basic set of shots for any scene is a default approach, but not necessarily the most efficient (or artistically sound) approach.”

  5. All problems are leadership problemS: “In other words, if the location gets upset because they did not understand what was actually going to happen, it is not their fault. It’s your fault for not ensuring that they would be happy with the actual production plan. The leader (producer or director typically) owns the problems. Rain is only a problem if you planned that rain would never happen. The leader who always complains about how others messed up has failed. All that matters is what enables your cast and crew to do their best job to tell a worthwhile story. Enabling that, however, is a complex and challenging job, a job that requires planning.”

**plenty more in the article about COMMON PROBLEMS IN INDIE-FILM planning in the article HERE**