FILM REVIEW: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman:

The Epic Romance Story of Diana and SteEEEvVVVe.

So I know I’m a little behind on the 8-ball here. SORRY! I had so many other things going, like watching my new aloe plant grow and eating WAY too many pizza bagels. Anyways, I finally made it out to see Wonder Woman and I have to say, it lives up to all the hype!




The Good: I am not usually a superhero movie person. I grew up loving Superman and the WB TV show, Smallville, but the current Marvel and DC remakes I haven’t really gotten into. I watch them and enjoy them, just not at the level of infatuation that has taken over the world. Saying that, I loved Wonder Woman.  The plot was good (and have you seen how naturally gorgeous Gal Gadot is!) but what really blew me away was the post-production: the CGI, the slow-motion, and the coloring. Any modern action movie needs insane CGI and I thought this was the best of the Marvel / DC movies. Subtler than the action scenes, the location compositions are extremely well done: a believable 1910’s London and the transformation of an Italian island to a demi-goddess’s paradise.

Me, trying to explain how badass the slow-motion scenes are, will be pointless so if you haven’t seen the movie go see it! Then comment back here with your opinion!

Lastly, THE COLOR!!!!  As you can see by the Wonder Woman poster the color in this movie is vibrant! The bright sun, healthy greens, and clear blue water of Themyscira strongly contrast the Industrial Revolution gray smog of London. Then during the last epic fight scene, the two battled in front of a wicked-cool sunset to a deep black night backdrop that creates incredible contrast with Ares’s fire and lightning bolts. It’s truly a work of art!


The Bad: The only real problem I had with the movie was the slow beginning. I understand that this is the first full movie about Wonder Woman in this series, but a 5 minute too long scene of Diana and Steve in a boat talking about the psychology of relationships between men and women was WAY TOO SLOW! Also, let’s talk about their names?!?! Diana and Steve. The Comic Book came out in 1941 and these names were probably everywhere, but man, it’s funny in 2017 to have an epic love story between God and Human and have their names be, Diana and Steve. It got me thinking… if Wonder Woman was created in 2017, their names would be? So the top names given to babies in 2017 are Emma and Liam (reference), which is still not very epic sounding.

The Mustache: 

David Thewlis is best known for his role as Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter film series. He has been in many English blockbusters such as The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Theory of Everything, Macbeth, and many others. So it was a very interesting and almost sly choice to have him play Ares in Wonder Woman. I am not going to give anything away (*any more than I already have. OOPS*), but the funniest scene and most likely, unintentionally funny scene is when the movie does a flashback to Area landing on Earth. The scene has Ares land on Earth in a blaze of flames and a young Ares looks up at the sky with anger and revenge in his eyes. The reason it is so funny is because the young Ares has the body of an oiled up 25-year-old bodybuilder with David Thewlis’s mustached face composited on the body. Yes, the composite is well done. Yes, they put makeup or CGI on his face to make him look younger.  BUT COME ON! THEY DIDN’T EDIT OUT HIS OLD MAN MUSTACHE! Instead they added to it and made young Ares look like a cop from RENO 911. Anyone else find this scene funny or was it just me?


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