Millah: The Next International Pop Star


Millah: The Next International Pop Star

Energy is a hard thing to explain, but immediately, when MSP got an international call from Millah hiring us to do her next two music videos, we knew it was a match made in heaven. Millah is a natural beauty with an incredible singing voice, heart full of gold and even more than that, dedicated to putting the work in to get where she wants to go. What is a step passed a triple threat?… I don’t know but that is Millah. Based in Brazil, Millah is going to be the next Shakira or Selena. Her music has the vibe of Brazilian electronic clubs mixed with the pop hooks found everywhere on the American pop charts. Her new album drops May 31 and is a mix of Portuguese and English, but the tracks are international because they are FFFIIIRRREEE. Though I cannot share much more about the upcoming music videos or the album release, check out the gallery of behind the scenes stills of the MSP team on location and the crazy adventures we had with Millah.

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