Northern Invasion 2017



Polar opposite to the Charlotte Motor Speedway, where the airport or major metropolitan area was a quick 20-minute drive away, Northern Invasion is held at Somerset Amphitheater in Somerset, WI. Do not get me wrong Somerset, WI is a beautiful town with kind people and gorgeous surroundings, but when you have to pick up and drop off 100+ bands from the airport, the 45-mile drive to the airport can take a toll.  Good thing we had an amazing team in WI that handled the two-hour long airport runs and so many other needed drives to make the music festival run smoothly!

NI’s lineup included some of the same artists as Carolina Rebellion including, Papa Roach, The Offspring, and Soundgarden, but with a mixture of new artists including The Struts (a personal favorite) and the weekend’s headliner, Kid Rock.

Last year, I was told that workers had to run to local department stores to buy winter hats and coats, while this year we had perfect weather of mid 70’s with a nice calm breeze – PERFECT FOR WATCHING SOME BANDS KILL IT ON STAGE.