Oh Netflix, You’ve Outdone Yourself!

So I have taken the term, Netflix and Chill, to a whole new level this past month and a half. If any of you have been on netflix lately, you must have noticed the large amount of new releases that have popped up. I had taken a break from watching netflix to focus on reading (yes, I’m still trying to keep my new year resolution, lol.) as well as watching the nba playoffs and Finals. so when I casually logged on with the long break between the nba final four and the championship series, i was blown away by the amount of new content! THey had really outdone themselves with the summer releases. I have gotten through a lot of the new seasons of my favorite shows and as always, I know you are just so excited to hear me rant about them 🙂  **no spoilers!**

Kim’s comments on netflix‘s new releases: 

House of Cards: Season 5

What more can the Underwood’s do to corrupt the American Government?! Oh just wait and see! Though there may not be as many twists and turns as the past 2016 Presidential Election, Season 5 keeps you on your toes and makes you never want to trust the media, politicians, companies, even national emergency announcements ever again. LESSON LEARNED: “The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties. Never regret.”

Sherlock: Season 4

I am proud to say, ‘I am a Cumber-bitch.” I love this man. He is the better tailored, hat-wearing, English version of Doctor House. The new season puts Sherlock’s demons in the forefront of the plot and highlights the imperfections and contradictions of this modern detective.  It makes me love him even more!  I got my sister addicted to this show two years ago and was less than impressed with this season. Personally, I have to say the entire season kept me guessing and I pulled an all nighter to finish the season in one evening (DARN YOU HOUR AND HALF LONG EPISODES!) and then the rest of the night laying in bed thinking about how Sherlock could have done it.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 3

All I have to say is, Tina Fey. This woman is a creative comedy genius. Every thing she touches is comedy gold and this season kept me laughing the entire time. And that darn intro song will stay in your head long after you complete the new 13 episodes.

Orange is the New Black: Season 5

Though I have to say the only reason I started watching this show is because my friend from high school is an extra and I like to play ‘Where’s Waldo’ with her in the background, the show is edgy and I cannot it has gotten so much national attention as it has.  Some reviews I have seen have commended the season for pushing the line even further and leaving the audience with a memorable cliff hanger, while others have said it’s a train wreck that you cannot look away from because you’ve already committed 4 seasons of time caring about these characters.  Well, whatever side you are on, we can all agree that we cannot wait to see what happens to all these crazy inmates in season 6.

Master of None: Season 2

With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 100% and an audience rating of 93%, this season delivers the laughs. The comedy is light and smart with the feel of a male point of view rom-com. Wenlei Ma of news.com.au had this to say about the new season:

Master of None continues to be one of the best shows on TV with its understated wit and warmth. Ansari and Alan Yang’s singular and clever vision marks this as a delicious return for a series that continues to enchant. It’s the best TV so far this year.”


Other Exciting Releases: There are so many that I could rant about, but there are a few guilty pleasure shows that got new seasons released such as Jane the Virgin and Supergirl. Neither are overly impressive shows, but highly entertaining if you’re bored on a Thursday night with a bottle of wine by your side.  Also, Netflix released some of my favorite movies such as the 1994 classic, Forrest Gump and my sister’s favorite movie to make me watch (which I never wanted to watch, but really enjoyed it and who doesn’t love Johnny Depp as the leading man?) Chocolat.


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