Rock on the Range 2017



Rock on the Range, the last of our three festival run, is held at MAPFRE Stadium in Columbus, OH. Being originally from Cleveland, OH and attending university in Columbus, OH, I consider this festival my hometown shows on the lineup. It was great to be back at a festival, where I knew the city, all the team members and the facility like the back of my hand. Rock on the Range is one of the biggest Rock festivals in the US with over 135,000 patrons through the three-day festival. Two major events happened during this weekend that really changed the atmosphere of the festival.

First was the passing of Soundgarden’s lead singer, Chris Cornell.  This was an emotional hit for everyone in the music industry. The passing of a legend. Even more than that, Soundgarden has performed at the last two festivals and was scheduled to perform again that Friday. In a tasteful choice, AEG & DWP decided not to fill the time slot with a new band, but instead give added time to Live‘s set (their first performance in almost 8 years) and allow them to share their feelings about the passing. Shown below is the powerful tribute to the Rock Legend.


Chris Cornell Tribute | Rock On The Range 2017

From the Rock On The Range family…we will always remember you. May you rest in peace.

Posted by Rock On The Range on Friday, May 19, 2017


The second major event was Mother Nature. We had three major thunderstorms during the weekend. On Friday, we had to evacuate the stadium around 3pm due to the upcoming storm. All the patrons exited effortlessly and everyone was safe from the storm’s wrath. Once the storm had passed, it was around 6:30pm and the gates were opened again for patrons to return to the stadium. AEG & DWP adjusted the stage schedules and the day continued into the night with the festivities lasting until around 12:15am (Cheers to the Ohio Government for extending the curfew for the festival from 11pm).

The storms continued into Saturday with a delay in opening the venue gates until 1pm. Once again, this was done swimmingly and everyone remained safe from the hazardous thunderstorm.

The last storm landed over the stadium just before our weekend headliners, Metallica, was about to take the stage. This caused truly one of the most Rock’n’Roll moments I have ever witnessed. With over 45,000 people packed into MAPFRE stadium to watch these 4 Rock Gods shred up the stage, a massive storm hit with BUCKETS OF WATER coming from the sky. Many people rushed to go below the stadium bleachers for shelter, but the majority of fans stayed in their seats chanting and cheering for their heroes. This continued for almost an hour and people did not waver. Almost an hour and a half after their scheduled set time, Metallica took the stage to a booming welcome from their SOAKING and THRILLED crowd. It was a CRAZY site to see!